Ken Okoth's Mother Skips Cremation
Ken Okoth and his mother - Image Courtesy

Ken Okoth’s late Kibra MP mom, Angeline Ajwang, spoke to Luo elders on Tuesday after she was apparently fed up with their insistence on her son’s traditional burial.

On Saturday in Nairobi, Okoth was cremated, but elders frowned at the move arguing it was un-African.

The grieving lady, speaking to People Daily, requested that the elders tone down their requirements to allow her to quietly mourn her son.

She also blasted them from running to the press to express their discontent rather than speaking to her first.

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“The best thing they could have accomplished is to sit down with me as a mom rather than go to the media. They are supposed to let my son rest in peace.

“You’ve even seen one of them coming to me to offer guidance on what should happen? They are now saying that I was part of the concept of cremation, have they seen me attend the ceremony?”She was posing.

Ajwang responded to calls from the elders who insisted on a late legislator’s traditional burial to bury a banana stem.

“We are not cremating in our society, and what has happened is against our culture, and it must be condemned,” requested the elders.]

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The scenario was so severe that politicians joined the discussion calling for an end to the discussion.

“Instead of going to the media and embarrassing the whole community about traditions, the elders should let the family be,” Kasipul Kabondo MP Eve Obara argued.

“The elders should find a correct and friendly way to address these problems and respect family choices as well,” ODM chairman John Mbadi said.


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