Keeping your Best Employees From Resigning

Keeping your Best Employees From
Keeping your Best Employees From

In the employment world there are different employers, some are good while some need improvement. Over the years, employees rant over social media how they are surviving to get the next pay check and others are just taking some time till a better opportunity shows up and at last they end up quitting their place. How do you stop key individuals from quitting and how do you stop your juniors from using your internet o look for other places? Below are some tips.

  • Always Be Appreciative

This is fundamental when dealing with your juniors, always appreciate small effort made by them. This might not need to get a whole amount in your pocket but using a small gesture as a way.

  • Engage With them

Always consult with the juniors, always have them with the meetings, always have them to talk, this is simply because they will not get bored with the same routine that they are used to.  

  • Give opportunities

If one performs well always give them opportunities for growth, always encourage them to grow in the company.  

  • Show Value and Concern

You need to show that you value other employees and you show concern in there wellbeing. This will go a long way to build your company.


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