Kariobangi Residents Protest Evictions That Left Them Homeless
Kariobangi Residents Protest Evictions That Left Them Homeless

Residents from Kariobangi have staged protests against the evictions that have so far left close to 7,000 people homeless.

Taking to the streets, the residents have burnt tires and barricaded roads demanding to speak to President Uhuru Kenyatta concerning their issues.

In videos circulated online, residents expressed displeasure in the government’s decision to evict them amid the Coronavirus menace in the country.

“We woke up very early in the morning to vote for you President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Where will we go? We do not even have food to eat and instead, the government demolishes our houses. We want you to come to Korogocho and address this issue,” said an elderly woman in the crowd.

Another retorted, “Right now, the country is grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic. They have told us not to go to work, they have evicted our houses, where do they expect us to live? We have small children and elderly women, where will we take them?”

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Roads have been made impassable forcing motorists to use alternative routes as they have set up tires in flames along the Outer Ring road.



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