Jobs agency BrighterMonday has introduced a new product dubbed ‘Best Match’ to cater to organizations with limited access to talent, those undertaking mass hiring and firms not savvy enough to use digital employment solutions.

The firm said with increasing market dynamics and competitive job markets, Best Match is meant to make finding the best candidates efficient for human resource (HR) professionals, business heads and entrepreneurs looking to hire quality talent.

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“Employers who use the Best Match product will get up to 10 best matches within the first seven days of their job posting going live.

“This saves time for the employer, and for those that are not too tech-savvy, ensures that they can get access to the best matching candidates efficiently,” said BrighterMonday Chief executive Emmanuel Mutuma.

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The product by BrighterMonday, part of online firms under the One Africa Media, uses a mix of HR experts and automation to sort and rank candidates who best match the criteria an employer is looking for in a role.


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