Is your Boss Making Sexual Advances towards You? Here is what to do


Sexual harassment is a common problem in our new workplaces which has massive impact on employees performance and wellbeing. Throughout the year juniors struggle with harassment without talk, this harassment might come from your boss, your colleague or even a client.

Sexual harassment comes in more interesting ways and in different forms, it may be a text message, a small gesture or even inappropriate touches and gestures.

In any particular way, if one detects a sexual harassment act, below are some tips to address the issue before raising alarm.

  • Have a clear confirmation first

When one detects actions of sexual harassment, one needs to have clear confirmation that the other party has particular intentions and not just simple misunderstanding of the situation. Take time to put evidence together and so you can have evidence when presenting your case.  

  • Express Your Thoughts

After your observance, you have a right to talk to the other person, if it is your boss, you may need to call for a meeting and talk professionally about it. Express honestly of your feelings and what you think.

  • Talk to the HR.

When such issues occur the HR is the most important person in the company and is concerned with your safety, if you feel threatened talk to the HR about it and he/she will take the necessary steps to address the issue.

  • Avoid gossiping

This is the source of all office drama in the office, take time to analyze the matter by yourself and collect facts. Having someone expressing their feelings to you does not mean they are terrible in life.


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