Is Rihanna Pregnant? Baby Bump Spotted!

Is Rihanna Pregnant? Baby Bump Spotted! - Image Courtesy

The internet is buzzing that the usually flat-stomached RiRi sports what seems to be a small baby bump in April 4 photo shots. While the hip-hop star is taking a break from touring, suddenly she seems to have changed her way of partying — which people wonder, is she really pregnant? And if so, who’s that baby?

These speculations went online after the singer made a comeback at her 5th annual Diamond Ball, wearing a mermaid gown black Givenchy Haute Couture, red lipstick and pearl earrings.

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The singer who is currently 31, declared that she was “really happy” as she stepped out.

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“I mean right now I’m really happy,” says Rihanna to PEOPLE. “The thing that’s making me the happiest tonight is seeing the amount of support, the magnitude of support is really special.”

According to Rihanna no longer smokes cigarettes or weeds, turned down alcohol at events (where she wouldn’t normally) on several occasions, and even ordered decaffeinated tea during a recent Starbucks run with her father.

What do you think is Rihanna pregnant? who is the father?


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