Infinixmall has started selling the Cheapest Smart TV Syinix online

    Infinixmall is starting to sell Smart TV Syinix online

    Infinixmall has launched the sale of one of the cheapest smart TV sets in Kenya’s internet retail industry for Sh10,000.

    During its maiden flash sale on Friday, customers of the shopping mall were able to order the recent Syinix intelligent TV, among other products, in record four hours through Infinixmall.

    “The flash sale was to formally launch the sale of Syinix home appliances to Infinixmall. We want to be able to offer our clients better alternatives for their day-to-day requirements, “said the internet platform source.

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    During the flash sale, 100 units of 32-inch Syinix TV sets were purchased for only Sh9, 999.

    The brand is dedicated to offering customers with high-quality home appliances that will enhance their home life and convenience.

    With easy and sensitive designs, Syinix seeks to assist customers to create a cozy environment for the entire family.

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    The comprehensive product portfolio includes a number of elements of family life.
    The marketing network of Syinix includes a big amount of nations in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

    Infinixmall produced its debut in 2018 and only sold Infinix smartphones before adding other branded accessories and wearables.

    Infinixmall is an online shopping mall devoted to promoting internet customers with accessible smart, stylish, quality and up-to-date design.


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