Huawei Logo : Photo Courtesy
Huawei Logo : Photo Courtesy

Huawei Technologies, a technology giant has suffered for sometime now with the most recent case been getting a ban in the US.

However, the company is not taken back by it and has even sued terming the ban is unfair and unprofessional. To prove that it is still strong, it has unveiled an open lab to fulfill its 5G goal in Korea.

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The company has been eyeing this space for sometime now and it has invested over 5 Million dollars to make it a success.

“Huawei is will build a 5G ecosystem through cooperation with a number of ICT companies,” Said a statement from Korea office.

The event has however been overshadowed by the US decision to bar Huawei in business.

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Fears are also coming fro Washington where it is urging allies to ban the companies 5G Network.


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