This might be something new but true, Huawei, a technology giant has made a decision to jump into the TV section, something that is odd and new, they will be launching the 5G- enabled 8K TV model before the end of the year.

Recently the company had announced the 5G project and this move will definitely strengthen it and the consumer electronic move.

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With the 5G been connected on TV it will enable clients to stream and even watch online channels at a speed also enable services like media sharing, home automation and advanced security.

According to relieble sources, Huawei is looking to be a technology giant in the consumer device market by expanding its portfolio from smartphones, laptops and smartwatches. The company has also placed there devices as premium and this is also expected to place the TV as one.

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The Idea of Bringing the 8K TV is not a new thing, Sony, LG and Samsung had also announced a similar product in the beginning of the year however which did not include the 5G internet which will be a major boast to Huawei.


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