Huawei launches new operating system, says it can ‘immediately’ switch from Google Android

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    Huawei introduced its own operating system— the HongmengOS, known as the HarmonyOS in English, said on Friday the CEO of the consumer division of the Chinese tech giant, Richard Yu.

    Speaking at the Huawei Developer Conference in Dongguan, China, Yu said the operating system can be used from smartphones to intelligent speakers and even sensors across distinct systems. It is component of Huawei’s play in the so-called Internet of Things, referring to internet-connected devices.

    HarmonyOS will be used later this year for the first time on “intelligent screen goods,” like televisions. The working system will be used in other systems over the next three years, including wearables and the head of the vehicle.

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    Huawei said the OS would originally launch a global expansion plan in China.

    In May, the United States put Huawei on a blacklist— or the so-called Entity List— that fundamentally restricts some U.S. firms from selling their goods to the Chinese tech giant.

    Google said it suspended company with Huawei after that move. But days later, some of those constraints were eased by the U.S. government, allowing Google to operate for 90 days with Huawei. It’s almost up that timeline.

    President Donald Trump said at the G-20 summit in Osaka in June that he would allow American businesses to sell products to Huawei where there is no compromise on national security. But it remains uncertain the precise information.

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    Huawei has reiterated that would it would prefer to use Android on their smartphones, but it wouldn’t be hard if it had to migrate to HarmonyOS. He said it would take only one or two days to move to the new OS and it’s “very convenient.” “If we can’t use it (Android) in the future, we can switch to HarmonyOS instantly,” Yu said.


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