A hand holding a mouse click to surf the internet. apple-business-click
A hand holding a mouse click to surf the internet. apple-business-click

When trying to venture for a new job, one of the requirement is for you to write a cover letter. This is something that is mind goblin mostly for newbies and individuals that are not sure of what to write but you donít have to worry below are the tips for you to follow to write a Killer cover letter. Know the purpose

First you have to understand why you are writing the cover letter and for what purpose and role.

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This is mostly a summary of your resume and an introduction letter to the employer which is the first thing you should make it interesting as you can and it makes the employer want to read your CV.  

As any other kind of write, a cover letter has 3 parts: The introduction, Body and the End.


This is simple, introduce yourself and your interest on the position advertised, remember a cover letter is an official document and DO NOT try to be casual in any way possible.

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This is the best part to outshine your skills but keep it brief putting the position you are applying for in mind. Always treat this as your opportunity to throw in your best shot.

Closing paragraph

Always write in a witty manner by inviting the employer to read your CV, this is the call to action. Remember to request for a meeting where you can discuss more and what you will be bringing to the table.


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