How to Successfully Land a Job in 2019

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Job Hunting has become a draining process in recent years with limited job offers from the market. Been not able to secure a job does not mean one should give up but maybe change of strategy to land a job. Here are some tips to land a job in 2019.

  1. Define your skills?

As a job seeker, you need to define the right skills that you have, find your strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths should give a chance to get a job that you desire and not any job that comes available this means you should focus on them and put less priority on the others.

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2.    Spend Time on Online platforms

As a job seeker take full advantage of the online platforms which offer job search assistance. Always take time in the day to google and go through the online community. Take advantage of Google and companies that recruit on behalf of companies.

3.    Stay on Social media

For a couple of days now, Social media is the next big wave. Networking now can through Twitter #IkokaziKe nor in Linkedin or any other platform that you are familiar with. Networking on social media has become very useful and can land a great job.

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4.    Always Have your documents

Have all the materials that you need for an interview ready, rewrite them to your preference before you submit to any opportunity, as you send, go through any material to make sure that it is the correct information.

5.  Send in your applications

Apply to as many jobs as possible, when looking for a job, however, let it be noted that you apply which a relevant to your skills and be sure to follow strict instructions when applying.


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