How to stop people from adding you in WhatsApp Groups


    Been added in WhatsApp groups without consent is a common thing that has happened to almost everyone. Having to deal with every second conversation from people or conversations you donít care about.

    Recently WhatsApp made an advancement in their application and it is now possible to stop individuals from adding you in those groups, this can be done in both IOS and android versions, all you have to do is.

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    Open your WhatsApp and go to.  Settings > Accounts> Privacy Tap on groups and select an option that will be favourable to you.

    Everyone: This lets everyone add you to groupswith zero privacy.

    My Contacts: This gives only your contacts the authority to add you in groups and not any other individuals that you donít know.

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    Nobody: This stops everybody from adding you in groups. Anyone planning to add you in groups will be prompted to send you an invite which you will make a decision on.


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