How To Make Women Chase You
How To Make Women Chase You

Our society has shaped the norm that Men are supposed to chase women, however in this era thing can turn vise vasa. Women also fall in love and tend to approach men but what does it take for women to approach men?

How can men make ot possible to be approached ?

  • Be confident.

During the first encounter, be confident talk with authority. Confidence is a virtue that is highly admired by women, with this she has a guarantee that you can protect her and she would want to know about you.

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  • Don’t Be Easy nor Clingy.

After meeting her, been too much on her is not appropriate, don’t you have anything else to do? Focus on yourself first. Show that you are a man that tends to make things better for yourself and your future. This naturally works.

  • Be Wise When Asking the Questions.
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Asking her is she has a boyfriend is a turn off. Ask her intelligent questions like what she likes in her free times and what kind of music she prefers having a boyfriend or not doesn’t have a guarantee she will be yours.

  • Don’t be too Sweet.

Well this might seem rude but essential, don’t always be available, give her time too to focus on herself, just don’t get too common she will be bored.


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