How to make money online in Kenya

How to make money online in Kenya
How to make money online in Kenya

In today?s society, it is a well-known fact that it has become a difficult task for young adults to secure employment especially for those with minimal or no experience in the industry.

According to statistics from the World Data Atlas, Kenya?s unemployment rate of young adults at the age of 18-35 in 2018 stood at 11.4% which was an improvement from 11.5% in 2017 but still, there is a huge number of individuals going without employment.

The frustration of not having an opportunity to acquire is an experience that has caused a lot of resentment to our modern-day youths with the rising cases of suicide. This is where career advice can offer help and guide the young generation on the right direction to follow with their career. Despite this being a step in the right direction to finding a permanent

solution to reducing unemployment, it has also turned out to be a lengthy process with then youths having to get knocked back interview after interview which has a negative impact on their self-esteem hindering them from pushing forward. There is a need to map out an effective solution to the problem.

With the digital economy taking over the world, this might be the untapped solution to unemployment. Kenya is one of the fastest when it comes to Internet consumption, according to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) the internet penetration is currently at its highest point with the overall usage been at 112%, this has promised a wealthy and ready opportunities at the fingertips of witty brands who have taken full advantage of it in many ways possible.

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Individuals have not been left behind, currently according to Reuters it is estimated that over 40,000 Kenyans have already secured jobs online from transcription to software developers and there is a rising number of individuals pursuing the online space with an expectation to rise by 2020.

So How do you make money online, We analysed Comprehensive ways on how one can make money in Kenya just using a smart device, a computer and having access to the internet.


This involves offering services that are high on demand through the internet, this might be services like Data entry, writing articles, graphic design, transcription, and research.

There are companies that have come up officially where they register professionals as a way of pulling resources to meet the right target audience, this require registration where most of the sites require individuals to familiar with the act. Sites like, Up work, I writer and more have had this services all you need is computer and access through computer.   


Blogging is the creation of well engaging content on the website, this needs patience and commitment, generally it is estimated that less than 50% bloggers make money online what one needs to do is come up with creative content that has an audience the publishing the content.

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To make money with blogging, you may need to register your site with Google AdSense or even other third party advertisers, you will need to be patient with all this for you to be recognised as a prominent blogger.

Content production

This is the process of creating visuals or written content for people, this comes up with a skill that you are well familiar with to people who either don?t have time or even don?t know how to do it. This might involve E-books, videos, blog posts graphics and more.  

Online Video production

This is the creation of motion content to people in need however, there is a creative way of using the YouTube now. There is a very huge fan base when it comes to video content. Celebrities have so far survived using video creation whereby they monetize later get payed.

You will also need patience with this since it is supposed to take time and even take some quality time to pass through quality test.

Virtual Store / Online Market Place

This is a very common way of making money in Kenya now. This is an online shop where you sell thing using visual and that they can order from, in Facebook it is estimated that a high number of individuals are not in to socialise but to make money.

People source for the needed resources and sell them online or even opening up an online store.  

 New Ways of Making Money Online in Kenya

There are new ways that have come up of making money in Kenya this are:

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through mining
  • Sports Betting
  • Lotteries
  • Selling Websites


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