How to Land a Job Straight After College in 2019

A hand holding a mouse click to surf the internet. apple-business-click
A hand holding a mouse click to surf the internet. apple-business-click

In the 21st century after college, landing your first Job might be hectic and confusing to the recent graduates and they donít know where to start. When still in school candidates tend to hope to get lucrative jobs simply because of the comfortable environment that the school creates, however they tend to find it difficult after graduation which demands more effort to be put.

The good thing is that one can still take control of their life and move things around anytime when one wants to make a change. We have compiled down tips that one needs to have in order to land a job immediately after college.

  • Networking.

This is something that should be the best card to poses, after your graduation look into your connection that you have made over the period of time, this might be your lecturers or other individuals that were ahead of you in your studies and have the relevant experience when it comes to job hunting, let them know you have completed your studies and if they could guide you on opportunity securing or maybe tactics that can be of help in your endeavours.

  • Volunteer.
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After schooling one always have the best positive thought in life about the next job however to get it, volunteering is one of the best things a fresh graduate can do in the career, this helps in building your connections and also makes you define your career perfectly in terms of what you want to do. People end up getting jobs in the organisations that they first started as volunteers, this is always a good tactic.

  • Identify Companies you would want to work for.

Having a clear direction in your career is one of the requirement, one needs to define perfectly what you need to take and what not. Put a list of companies and individuals you want to work with and always try to be on the lookout if they are hiring anytime soon or not.

  • Have your CV polished and Available.
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Come up with a well drafted CV and a cover letter that well explains your strong points and be ready with it. If you need assistance in this you can consult with senior individuals or even the school career office for guidance.

  • Link up with the Recruiting Firms and be on the lookout on social media.

Make a point to visit and drop your CV with the recruiting firms in the country for advice and consideration for a position when it shows up, this is simply because organisations tend to avoid the hustles of recruiting and prefer the recruiting firms to do the dirty work. Also be on the lookout on social media in this era everything happens there, be on LinkedIn, twitter. Facebook and any other that might be of assistance in the job hunting.

All the best in the Job Search.  


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