Some annoyed on why they did not receive feedback on an interview
Some annoyed on why they did not receive feedback on an interview

Job hunting has never been easy, mostly in the Kenyan economy despite the progressive growth in the GDP according to KEBS 2019 report that was recently launched. After massive sourcing of a new opportunity and submitting the application which has become quite competitive over time, employers tend to shortlist and organize an interview for the potential candidates, but what happens when you get an interview and you don’t get feedback?

Jobseekers have been known to give up due to the disappointments that they have received over time from the recruiters who at some point don’t even give feedback nor mention a word to the job seeker after an interview.

After an interview, what one expects is the best news that you have received the opportunity, however, it might be depressing that you receive a NO which you should be ready for but some go mute even after giving you an impression that you have qualified for a position during the sessions.

Following up for the position might seem desperate and rude but there is a professional and a recommended way of sourcing the feedback on why you did not receive it and what might be the reason you did not get the opportunity.

Due to some reasons, employers cannot give feedback but as below we have researched on what exactly you can do to get it.

  • Talk to the senior person
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This might be tricky and hitting the nail on the head but this starts on the first day you show up in the interview. Try to create an impression of friendship that will make you be accepted in the place; this will give a leeway for you when making the call. If the management is not accessible or you did not manage to get a contact have the person who recommended you on the post to do the job for you.

  • Showing Gratitude as a Leeway.

When making the call be polite, show that you are grateful for the interview opportunity that you were given. Through this, you will have a chance to ask how it went and maybe what the person thinks about you.

  • Show positivity in an Email

After sometime, make a reply in mail, mention how you are looking forward to fill the position, remember be shot and clear and not pushy. If the recruiter is well positive enough, they will give a feedback informing you of the decision they made.

  • Future opportunities

In case of a disappointment, do not over react blowing away your next opportunity in the same company, show your interest in the company and the more you are interested to be considered in case another opportunity comes up. You might have been the next preferred candidate in the position.  

  • Feedback Enquiry
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This might give you the opportunity to grow, always take this opportunity to enquire what they thought about you, it might be the way to get feedback on your interview or something close.

For the feedback this might be done in mail or a phone call, however mail works well.

Below is a sample message to draft for inquiry.


Dear HR

I would like to thank you for the opportunity that granted an interview for the position of ……in your company.

I really managed to learn a lot that will be of benefit in my career. I understand and respect your choice to settle with another candidate that better fits your current needs as your job requirement.

 As I proceed with my job search, I will appreciate feedback on the following.

  1. What are the areas that I can improve to advance my career next time?
  2. If I was to get an opportunity to redo the interview what would be your advice?

I appreciate any candid feedback for me to advance in my career. Additionally, if you might have an idea of companies hiring similar position kindly let me know.

Thank you and keep up doing the good job

Yours sincerely


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