Do not Say you dont have a Weakness– This is a NO; NEVER mention you dont have a weakness everybody does.

Turn the Negative look positive: Well some challenges in life might be common but can be Negative but you dont know it. Having a keen eye to details before you are satisfied might be a weakness but also something positive for the job position ensuring that you have effective and clear communication after clarification. Always find a negative aspect that can be beneficial to the company.   

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Discuss non- essential skills  This is a tricky answer and it needs you to work round with it effectively. When asked about your negative end, talk about something that is not related to the position that you are applying for. Example, when applying to be a truck driver talk about how data analytics is a bit difficult for you or maybe programming but y0u have an interest to learn more about it.

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Mention your weaknesses and state ways you work to improve on them  This is about been honest, talk about a problem that you are having and how you are doing to improve it, mention how you are working with different people to make the situation better and the steps remaining.

Know your weaknesses: This is about knowing yourself, know more than one weakness and be able to explain them, the employer might need to listen to more than one.  


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