After a long times hustle in the industry, you get to understand what is exactly needed by employers, you get used to the environment of questions and how to correctly answer them.

Some questions still stand out to be tricky and confusing the most common being the salary you expect. We looked at some questions and below are ways to answer them.

  • What are your weaknesses

This might seem like an opportunity to shine but it is not, giving an answer as a ‘workaholic’ might not be the best simply because the employer knows exactly that this you sourced it out from the internet. This question enquires how well you are conversant with your industry and how you are looking to improve, nobody is perfect try to find a common problem in your line of study and how you are working to improve it.

  • Access to Your online space
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Most employers now go to an extend of visiting your social media profiles to seek clearance of exactly who you are and either what you post online might be in conflict with what they believe. For most job seekers, this is a No, but what one needs to do is have a professional online platform that does not target, interfere or offend another party. You never know what might happen.   

  • What is Your Expected Salary?
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This is most climax question that job seekers ask and also the trickiest question where you might quote the highest or the lowest. This might make you greedy or desperate. With this question, one needs to define themselves, how well you are in the industry and your experience and what is the range others are paid. The best way to walk out with this question is to give a range of your expectation and it is negotiable, make them understand that this is a discussion you can have once in consideration. Something important to note is that always know your value not to underrate yourself.  



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