Google Stadia Game Streaming Takes 110 Hours to Use 1TB of Data
Google Stadia Game Streaming Takes 110 Hours to Use 1TB of Data

Today, Google revealed a handful of new details about its forthcoming cloud-based gaming platform, Google Stadia, including information on the platform’s pricing structure, on some of the Google Stadia games, and on the Founder’s Edition. Now, many fans are certain to be carefully parsing these particulars, and one area may be of considerable interest to some: Google Stadia’s data usage.

The recommended bitrates for several Google Stadia streaming options are now known, and it is indicated that those that are targeting 1080p at 60fps, which can be reached with the Google Stadia Base service, will need bandwidth at around 20Mbps. This figure suggests that 1080p60 Google Stadia game streaming will have data usage of approximately 9GB per hour, which means that players will be able to use the service for close to 110 hours before hitting 1TB of data used.

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That said, this figure certainly changes for those that are interested in streaming 4k at 60fps, which can be done with a Google Stadia Pro subscription. Google suggests that a 35Mbps connection is recommended to consistently reach this level of fidelity, which points to data usage of 15.75GB per hour and means that players will reach 1TB of data used in just under 65 hours of play.


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