General Service Unit (GSU) officer who shot dead his colleague to face murder
Police line

An inquiry by the Criminal Investigations Directorate (DCI) disclosed that his colleague was shot dead by a Wilson Airport-based General Service Unit (GSU) officer and then faked an assault.

Following a forensic investigation, Criminal Investigation Director George Kinoti said the event on July 27 was “a clear case of homicide.” “He was detained and we are prepared to bring him to trial to face murder,” Kinoti said.

The policeman, recognized as Constable Samson Morongo, claimed that his colleague was murdered and then stole their firearms by unidentified individuals who were wearing complete combat uniforms comparable to theirs.

“The policeman came forward to report after murdering his colleague that they were assaulted by unidentified individuals who murdered his colleague and took their firearms,” the DCI said.

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When the incident happened at night, the two policemen were deployed to the watchtower guard responsibilities at the airport.

“Upon carrying out forensic analysis, DCI detectives were able to connect the officer to the murder,” Kinoti said, “the suspect’s clothes were subjected to gunshot residue test at the Government Chemist and it tested positive hence placing him in very close proximity to the shooting scene.”

There has been a rising trend of police officers turning guns on their colleagues across the country.

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