Kileleshwa ''Mansion'' Hosting Escorts Uncovered on Radio
Kileleshwa ''Mansion'' Hosting Escorts Uncovered on Radio

It is not surprising that the massage business has been on the rise in the country with advertisements bombarding social media with attractive ladies on the posters. With these advertisements focusing on massage only it has been revealed that there is more that is offered on daylight without fear.

According to audio circulating by Shaffi Weru, one of the media personalities in the country, it has been revealed that these services have had roots even in the high-end estates like Kileleshwa charging as low as 5000 Ksh per hour.

It all started with a social media advertisement that openly stated the offer of services with a statement boldly written ”Top Escorts in Nairobi.” and the services taking place in a mansion dubbed ”TheMansion”, the poster also assures 100% guarantee on satisfaction or ”get back your money”.

The poster that was circulating online relieving the services. [Photo/Courtesy]

The journalist who runs a show by the name ”Kaa Rada” with a cohost Adele Anyango went ahead to call the number on the poster with an imposter name ”Michael” having an interest in the services.

Received by a lady going by the name Vivian sounding young and naive at the age of 21 Years, she boldly narrates the services offered, she sounds shy at first but keeps up to explain what kind of ”Ladies” and the price the ”Gentleman” would get. She openly states that the venue is located at the junction of Kenya high and would gladly receive the guy when he gets there.

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The ladies are all under the age of 27 Years all been Kenyan having beauty as security. Michael’s request is to have young females for a party he is intending to throw to his colleague who is leaving the company and will be in the company of other three guys and will be spending a total of 40,000Ksh or more in the mansion. He requests 3 girls for himself where the lady boldly agrees to be part of the team since she has ”experience” in the industry.

The lady seems excited by asking if the ‘Gentleman is for real’ due to his anxiety and she assures that the money caters for ”sleeping with the chicks”. They agree that Michael will pass by and have a ”taste” of the sample as they prepare the venue for the big day.

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We have done our background check and it has revealed that the mansion goes online with a website and has been operational for more than two years now with business booming. The website displays everything that the companies offer without fear including its contacts and the location map with it’s about page going by:

”Located in the quiet estate of Kileleshwa, The Mansion is a high-end discreet facility that provides Nairobi?s elite with all of their entertainment needs. Gourmet food, top-shelf drinks and the most beautiful women in Kenya. The Mansion is a must for Nairobi?s elite when they want to relax and unwind discreetly.”

The conversation between Michael and Vivian ends when Michael reveals that he is from Kiss 100 where the lady hangs up, the number going out of service immediately.

This been an expose by the media the question has been raised what exactly happens in broad daylight mostly in the high-end estates. below is the audio in circulation.


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