Beatrice Kikunga has accused Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot of being a deadbeat father who has refused to provide for a minor they sired.

According to the Standard, Kikunga went to court claiming she was in a relationship with Aukot from 2011 to 2018, resulting in the birth of the child in 2017. Since 2018 therefore, Kikunga has told a city court that Aukot deserted his child and refused to provide.

“We cohabited since 2011 and were blessed with the child in August 2017. Our relationship was okay until early 2018 when Aukot deserted us and has refused to take responsibility for the minor while knowing very well that the child needs basic necessities,” Kikunga says.

Kikungu thus wants the Thirdway Alliance Boss compelled to pay Sh105,000 monthly for the maintenance of the child, including rent, food, utility bills, clothing, medication, house help and entertainment.

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Consequently, the suit filed by Kikunga was instituted in February where Resident Magistrate HM Mbatia ordered the said parents to go for a DNA test to bring the dispute of paternity to dead.

Aukot is said to have failed to turn up for the test scheduled on March 13 forcing Kikunga to file another suit for contempt of court through her lawyer Elvis Abenga.

“Aukot completely ignored the order issued by the court directing the parties to undertake a DNA test to ascertain the minor’s paternity. He did not even make any effort to comply with the order for the test,” said the lawyer.

The magistrate issued another order on July 2 directing the said parents to go for a DNA test at Lancet Laboratories. It was scheduled for July 7 with expectations that the results would be filed in court on July 24.

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According to the mother of the minor, she is struggling to cater to the child on her own since she is jobless adding that she was thrown out of her house for accrued rent.


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