Digital Farmer Tapping into the Power of Social Media to Encourage Modern Farming

Farmer on Fire- Wangare

The emergence of communication and computing for mobile consumer devices is on the evolutionary course to bring interoperability and leverage the services and functions of every industry. 

With today’s ever-changing message consumption habits due to the explosive growth of the digital curve, brands have been forced to re-evaluate their communication strategies to their target audiences as traditional media continue to lack the flexibility and hyper-personalization that digital media can deliver.

According to a recent report by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Kenya is primed to produce over nine million new mobile subscribers in the next five years. This is expected to become a disruptor when it comes to brands communicating to their clients and internal teams effectively.

Currently, Kenya has been considered as a leading country in terms of smartphone use and penetration. In this, Internet usage has surpassed 91 per cent of mobile subscriptions compared to Africa’s 80 per cent, with social media dominating with over 8.3 million Kenyans being active.  The most accessed platforms with WhatsApp having 74 percent, Facebook 70 percent, and Twitter 50 percent.

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While certain individuals seem to be ahead of the digital curve, social media and advanced mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are influencing how agribusinesses connect with and market brands to their target audience.

For Instance, Wangare Kuria a modernized mixed farmer who firms green vegetables, Cauliflower, pepper, berries, button, oyster mushrooms, broccoli, and lettuce and also rears chicken within half an acre of territory in Kitengela County since 2015, has been leveraging on social media to educate, entertain and inform the youths the importance of modern farming.

The farmer launched a YouTube channel as well as other social media pages to give fundamental farm tips to urban residents, who at times feel that they are not part of food production because they are present in town. On her channel, she also encourages modern farming by using potted plants, homemade pesticides, compost age manures for farm use since its implementation and has no adverse impacts on crops and the environment on her synthetic fertilizer and chemicals.

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“I began this channel to promote adequate nutrition because food can be medication, but if plants are not cultivated correctly, it can also be poisonous. I share guidance on how to grow, not only plants but high value, highly profitable crops,” Wangari said.

Though she has not started earning from the channel, she receives further questions about her farm produce and promotes mentoring by creating gardening ideas during community-based project activities.

Having been a corporate executive and earning a masters in sociology from USIU, Wangare combines the metrics needed to curb the rising need of fresh produce and healthy eating, she partners with other farming mentoring businesses to provide training.  

Wangare seeks to have more individuals join farming, urging young people to endorse farming as one of the best practices to sustain vision 2030. 


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