Details about Play Station 5 Unveiled

    A game console.

    Sony has just decided to release information about its new play station 5 which is an upgrade of the previous version.

    Mark Cerny who is the lead architect mentions that the new upgrade will have an improved processor, graphics and even have something different from the usual box formats and the device will also be able to be compatible with the PS 4 games.

    Despite having no clear timelines of the launch the PS 5 will be launching before the end of the year and it will put a lot of consideration on the sound which has proved to be an important factor to gamers. It will come with a 3D sound technology and even the players hear small sounds as footsteps behind them when playing the game.

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    The game will also improve on speed something that we have learnt it is a concern to the people. It will enhance loading speed to give maximum enjoyment time.

    While more features are expected over time this might be the biggest thing for the game lovers despite challenges heating up as Google launched the STADIA which allows to game lovers to stream games and play without the use of consoles.

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    On the other hand, Microsoft also working to surprise the market with a New X-box which might just be unveiled around June.


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