We are vulnerable to various mistakes in the workplace irrespective of our career levels. However, it is usually the blunders that we are unaware of and aspects we do not pay attention to that ultimately have the biggest implication on our professional progress. Below are three of the deadliest career mistakes to avoid for seamless career progress.

Assuming that the grass is always greener

Constantly changing roles or jobs without clear justification or rhythm is an indication of lacking vivid career vision. Whereas it is nowadays possible to change jobs after between 3 and 5 years averagely, it is easy for your career to be derailed if you frequently start over without viable reasons.

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Lacking career objectives

You may be employed but still, fail to set up a broader career vision. Once you don’t paint a clearer image of your career path and destination, you will realize that as much as you easily meet the organizational objectives, you feel you lack personal direction. This may, in turn, take a toll on your career advancement.

Burning bridges

The contemporary world is almost entirely interlinked. This implies that our reputation must be safeguarded at all costs. In case you experience problems within your present company or position and consider moving on, it is highly advisable to manage the career by as well as properly managing personal emotions.

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Being sensitive of the various career blunders capable of harming our career is a vital step in securing our professional progress. It is even better to know how to address them and get back on track as fast as possible.


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