Conference Business Looking up for Hotels in Nairobi


Conference business is looking up for PrideInn Hotels in Nairobi as local corporate and international clients increase frequency for strategy meetings to crank up revenues for this year and year ahead.

The Hotel has today announced an increased uptake of its congress package where conference meetings, end year meetings, end-year parties, annual seminars, gala dinners, weddings and team building are recording significant bookings.

“This year is promising compared to 2018 which was characterized by Dusit terror attack creating uncertainties within the industry. We are scaling up our operations by deploying aggressive marketing strategies to attract more clients for seminars, end year dinners and conferences. Business activities have been great over the last few days as we begin the last quarter of the year,” said PrideInn Hotels Group Sales and Marketing Manager Mrs. Farzana Zahir.

PrideInn Westlands General Manager Andrew Makau said the hotel is now gearing up for one of its busiest seasons.

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“It’s a fascinating time for the industry, we are seeing a 30% percent increase in accommodation and 40% percent increase in the Pride Center bookings, our biggest conference facility in Nairobi that takes up to 1500 people,” Said Mr. Makau.

Conferencing in Nairobi revolves around service provision to business travelers attending seminars, workshops, conferences and conventions. Conference tourism has emerged to be the fastest growing segment of the modern tourism sector. It has a higher financial impact because travelers spend more than their leisure counterparts. Often, their expenses are paid by the organizations they represent, leaving the tourists with substantial disposable incomes to spend.

Absence of politics and beefed up security has so far necessitated increased bookings within Nairobi region.

“We are predicting another bumper season ahead. So far we are seeing a general increase in visitor numbers this period compared to 2018 same period. This has to a larger extent been attributed by tranquil business atmosphere unlike last year where there was security uncertainty,’’ said Farzana Zahir.

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“Business executives are also coming along with spouses and children to boost leisure tourism in Nairobi, a trend seen to cushion business during this season. Bleisure is seen as beneficial to frequent travelers, it helps frequent travelers to work efficiently, take stress out of business travel and have time to revitalize,” said Farzana.

During this season, over 50 per cent of the bookings are from people who come for executive trips and conferences enjoy the luxurious hotel living with their spouses and children.

“We have guests who are here on business but usually extend a day or two for leisure in Nairobi after they conclude their work,” said Farzana.

Some executives who come alone for the business conferences prefer being joined by their families after assignments and this sees them staying all through the weekend.


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