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Landing a new job comes with great joy for you as a job seeker while employers have great expectations for you to deliver. You have the potential, thats why you got the job. So, dont get your toes dirty by snooping into commonly avertable mistakes and drain your ability. Avoid becoming a resentment to your new employer and the now found new working friends. To defeat this, below are common mistakes to avoid.

Arriving Late

One may assume Its just a start and that you would get along with time. Sure you can adapt with time on when to wake up and plan on how to quash the traffic, but what about your agility to adapt to the new environment? Everyone is watching sightlessly more and so is your boss and since time is important for any business, dont make your team feel restless in depending on you.

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Being Cellphone-holic

Priorities are important and the new job should be your priority. Being on your phone most of the time rather than your work computers is unethical to any work environment. As a new employee, get to know work brakes for you to attend to personal calls and messages unless its an emergency.

Lack of boundaries

Setting boundaries is getting clear on what your limits are at work emotionally, mentally, physical or spiritual. This helps you in getting a clear understanding of yourself, how to handle the new environment and to what extent you can react to situations. It’s not promised that the path will be smooth but lack of boundaries may confine you.

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Taking many tasks to your plate

Bite what you can chew any given time. While you are onboarding to your new role, managers will assign you small tasks as they build you for larger tasks. Dont be tempted to ask for more than you can handle. On the contrary, dont be a snail to deliver, be time conscious.

Ignoring Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is built to unveil shared practices and values in a company. Ignorance portrays lack of support to the organizational core values, ethics, behaviors, and beliefs. To cope up with a new environment may be difficult but ignoring will cost you on your ability to support the companys common goal. Step up and fit in.


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