For the first time on computers or tablets, the census that formally kicks off on Saturday, August 24 will see representatives recording information.

Officials employed by the National Statistics Bureau of Kenya will use questionnaires to guide the seven-day exercise.

The census will only take place on August 24 and 25 from 6 pm to 6 am.

“Counting will continue up to the 31st August 2019 when counting is scheduled to end. The Census teams will proceed with enumeration throughout the week, but all information will refer to the night of 24th August – the census Reference Night,” a statement on the KNBS website reads.

Officials in every household they visit are anticipated to take 30 minutes.

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Census issues will include information that involves, among other things, ethnicity or nationality, marital status, live births.

The questions are as follows:

What are the names of every person in this household who spent the night of August 24/25, 2019?

  • What is each person’s relationship to the head of this household?
  • What is their sex?
  • What is their age (s)?
  • What is their date of birth?
  • Please insert line number of their biological mother
  • Is the person a usual member of this household?
  • What is their ethnicity or nationality?
  • What is their religion?
  • What is their marital status?
  • Where were they born?
  • Where were they living in August 2018?
  • When did they move to the current county?
  • Why did they move to the current place of residence?
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For women older than 12 years, questions will be as follows:

  • How many children have you ever borne alive?
  • How many children have you borne alive who usually live in this household?
  • How many children have you borne alive who usually live elsewhere?
  • How many children have you borne alive who have died?
  • When was your last child born?
  • Where did this last birth occur?
  • What was the sex of this child/ children?
  • Was this last birth notified?
  • Is this last child/ children still alive?
  • If the last child is not alive, when did the child die?


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