Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money in Kenya
Business Ideas You Can Start with No Money in Kenya

Securing a stable business in Kenya might be very challenging due to numerous factors like finances, however there are sectors that you don’t need to worry about simply because they require minimal of investment to start and run.

We have analysed and come up will a list of businesses in Kenya that need small investment to venture here is the list.

Coding and selling apps.

If you are a computer fanatic having the knowledge, 10000Ksh is enough to do something beneficial, this might range from selling add-ons (for web browsers), create plugins, themes, and modules for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, create custom applications for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. This is a skillful business that requires you to learn some skills first before venturing.


If you have a land, it will be of benefit to put it in good use by planting some crops and selling the harvest to consumers directly.

This requirement needs patience and research as understanding what is required to get good farm produce.

Graduates, have so far diverted attention to farming because of its benefits.

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Design and painting.

Think about interior design, fashion design, graphic design, selling your art, illustrating children storybooks, designing ebook covers, editing photos, etc.

Cleaning services.

This is a manpower service that requests you to think of cleaning floors, windows, compounds, cars, clothes, houses, mowing lawns. It is a labour that needs energy and might be of importance to invest on yourself and the materials needed.


Able to create content that can help people win more business? It is time to get started as a freelancer.

Coaching and consulting.

If you are good in doing something and you find people coming to you for advice. It is advisable to have a consulting business to bring you income.  People are always willing to pay for consultation with results aiming to help them achieve better in life.  

Online Shop.

Want to own a shop or supermarket some day? Why not start an online shop (or niche auction site) or start buying a few products and selling them for a reasonable profit?

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If you are good in English and can correct a couple of mistakes in grammar, you might just consider been an editor correcting peoples work.


Are you good at a particular subject? Can you teach others and help them with their problems? There are people out there ready to pay for music and dance lessons. There are so many people who want to learn foreign languages. There are people who want help with technical subjects and you may be the person they need. They have a need, which you can satisfy, and you’re in business when you start making profits. You can even go ahead and have e-courses of your own.

Outside Catering

 If you Love cooking, you can start an outside catering business where you can start cooking for people.

Money doesn’t necessarily dictate the size or type of business one can start. Proper management, focus, hard work, top-notch customer service, time and integrity does. There are many businesses one can start with minimum or no cash but be able to succeed, it all needs focus and believe.


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