Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya on Friday appointed Lt. Col (Rtd) Bernard Njiraini as the new Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) Managing Director. The appointment follows Charles Ongwae’s departure, who is faced with office fees being abused.

Munya’s appointment on Friday raised Njiraini, who has served as Managing Director of the State Agency since the end of May. Mr. Njiraini substituted Benard Nguyo who, after Ongwae’s ouster, also served KEBS on an interim basis.

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Charles Ongwae was detained and charged by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) at the beginning of the year along with 14 others in a tax evasion swoop.

He faces more than 30 counts including attempted assassination and abuse of power having partially cleared the sale of fertilizer suspected to contain mercury samples in the nation.

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