Bahati trolled for neglecting adopted son because of Diana Marwa
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Bahati is not new in creating an online conversation. Today after he shared a picture of himself, and the mother who adopted morgan Bahati at his school. On his Instagram page he wrote:

Kenyans have hit him stating that he had neglected on the boy and focused on Diana recently. One user stated

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”Really, the shirt is pathetic, diana unaacha mtoi anaenda shule hivi, halafu hii shule iko nai, not bahati standards aki, madharau zingine hata kama mtoi ni adopted zii”


”Sasa ii ni shirt imeraruka hvyo na hizo zngne hatuoni i wonder”


”Nunulia kijana shirt hii imeisha…Kwani anasoma shule ya mabati??? Heaven pia utampeleka the same school???”

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