A stir of emotions arose amongst Kenyans after The New York Times advertised a vacancy for the Nairobi Bureau position, with a critical job description.

The job seeks to cover news and enterprise “from the deserts of Sudan and the pirate seas of the Horn of Africa, down through the Shores of Tanzania”.

The ad, which was published on LinkedIn describes the region as “strategically important territory with many vital story lines, including terrorism, the scramble for resources, the global contest with China and the constant push-and-pull of democracy versus authoritarianism”.

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It describes that an ideal candidate should enjoy jumping on news and has to report conflict as well as potential investigative storie as well as ‘unexpected stoeies of hope’  So far,the ad that was published on Wednesday has attracted more than thirty applicants for the position.

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Social media users expressed emotions from the requirement that one must ” have the ability to focus on the negative and ‘occasional good news’ “.


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