Apple’s largest assembler, FoXconn to venture into the Kenyan Smartphone market

    Foxconn planing to launch InFocus smartphones in Kenya (Image: IE)

    Apple’s largest assembler, FoXconn Technology Group could be making considerations to venture into the Kenyan market with the InFocus devices, a move that may disrupt the industry when it comes to the budget devices. This is according to Techweez

    The Group that might be new to the ears but not new in the smartphone industry, it is famous when it comes to assembling well-known brands like Xiaomi, Sony and even Apple more too in Play stations.

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    Previously the brand made an entry in India which is one of the leading markets when it comes to smartphone sales and it is well performing.     

    Over a period of time, the Kenyan market has proved to be a reliable market when it comes to budget-friendly smartphones and this might offer a competitive option when it comes to smartphones.

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