Business agreement
Business agreement

No one is an experienced professional when it comes to interviews, you can never master the art.

This is the most intimidating situation, a situation that sends shivers down the spine even to the most qualified and getting one since question wrong might cost you the job.

The questions might be simple but tricky, think about something like ‘Why do you want this Job?’

Here is how to answer the question like a pro. Break it down in phases.

  • Career
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Always have a look on how the position and the responsibilities are going to revolutionize your career, how they are going to make your career grown as compared to your previous roles. This position will enable you to grow and even become a better person in future.

  • The Company

This applies with your knowledge about the company, have a look at something that you loved about the place and how you will love it there other wise you will look like an individual who is desperate for any position and not interested in the company.

  • Your Skills and your Expertise
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Well this is about how qualified you are in the position, look at the skills you how and how they are beneficial to the position, this will help you pitch better to the employer, make sure all the JD you fit perfectly and no loopholes. This will make you stand out.  


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