Having to master your keyboard makes work easy. This shortcut tends to be accessed through processes and even opening up menus that you do not need.

We have compiled all the short cuts to help you have a quick and easier way of using your keyboard when having a word document on your screen.

F1 key: This will get your assistance that you might need to cut through
Shift and F1 Key: This will help in reviewing the text format that you will be using
F2 Key: If you have an image, It will help you crop it and move it
Shift + F2 Key: This will highlight all text and copy
F3 Key: This will insert an auto text kea.
Shift + F3 Key: When you have a text selected this will change the case to your preference
F4 Key: This is a back option that helps to move an action back
Shift + F4 Key: This acts like a search option where you will find
F5 Key: This also gives a find option
Shift + F5 Key: Will enable to move in the previous revision done
F6 Key: This moves you to the next frame or pane
Shift, F6 Key: move to the previous pane
F7 Key: Use a spell-checking tool
Shift + F7 Key: Uses the Thesaurus.
F8: Extend your selection
Shift + F8 Key: reduce your selection.
F9: Refresh your document
Shift + F9 Key: Switch in btw field code and its result.
F10 Key: Launch Tips
Shift + F10 Key: Display Shortcut ideas
F11 Key: move Next.
SHIFT + F11 Key: Move back
F12 Key: Open option to save as.
Shift + F12 Key: Takes you to save the document
Ctrl and A: Highlight all
Ctrl and B: Change format to bold
Ctrl and C: Copy
Ctrl and D: Displays the Font dialogue box.
Ctrl and E: move the paragraph in centre or far end
Ctrl and F: Creates the find box
Ctrl and G: Gives you the go to find box
Ctrl and H: Gives you an option to replace
Ctrl and I: Make all the content italic
Ctrl and J: Switch a paragraph on how you want 
Ctrl, K: put hyperlink.
Ctrl and L: Move or align a paragraph on the left
Ctrl,  M: Indent from the left.
Ctrl, N:  new word document
Ctrl, O:  Open a new word document
Ctrl, P: Print
Ctrl, R:  align either left or right
Ctrl, S: Save
Ctrl, U: Put an underline
Ctrl, V: Gives you option to paste  
Ctrl and X: Lets you cut content that you had written
Ctrl and Y: a previous action done
Ctrl and Z: Undo a previous action
Ctrl, Enter: Insert page break in the document
Ctrl and F2:  Move your document to print review
Ctrl, F4: Close the word document
Ctrl, F6: Lets you open next word document   
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