7 Signs You are In Toxic Work Environment and What to do
7 Signs You are In Toxic Work Environment and What to do

Toxic work environment is the major causes of good employees leaving their work environment and the course of major projects failure. As the saying goes, people don?t leave jobs but toxic bosses and environments. If your environment gets to this, it is high time for you to move since this affects your productivity. There are many situations that define a toxic work environment, here are a few signs to be on the look out and how to handle a toxic environment before throwing in the towel.


This is the common sign that appears with the immediate bosses diminishing respect and productivity. If your superior is always questioning every move that you make in a project. Micromanagement tends to demoralize individuals. It might be difficult to work with individuals who do this and even harder to get your concerns. The only option might be to have a comprehensive talk with the management utmost the HR so that they can try talk to the immediate boss about it. ?


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This is another factor that contributes to resignation, employees need to be respected if not the company seems not to respect human values as possible. This are signs of been belittled. Instead of disrespect try to address concerns with maturity, communication is key.

 Lack of Appreciation

This are the incentives and benefits that come with a job. This is not generally a raise but appreciation that shows you are doing a good job. This gives you the right support and the morale to pick on your job.

Tribalism, unfairness, and inequity

A company that lacks diversity in employees means it?s employing workers based on prejudice and not appropriate qualifications. Before finding yourself in an organization that does not hold diversity as a major pillar; do some research.

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Before sending in your resignation papers, make sure you have explored all avenues. A solution-oriented outlook could change your perspective completely.

Blame Game

When roles are not effectively executed, blaming each other starts to sort this always keep communication on email. Line out roles and record who will take on various tasks. This will always come in handy when a team member tries to play the blame game.

Unreasonable pressure to get short-term results

This is a big red flag in any company. The pressure to give comprehensive results within a short period of time. This means that the company is focusing on its growth at an expense of its employees. ??Before undertaking any role, communicate clear timelines of delivery to be on the right track.


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