Six Smart Ways to Tell a Job Advert is a Scam
Six Smart Ways to Tell a Job Advert is a Scam

If you have been a job seeker, you already understand the plight of fake job advertisements that hit the sector left to right and center, taking advantage of the desperate job seekers.

Due to being desperate, jobseekers tend to realize this when it is too late and already lost a lot of resources, including time, money, and energy, but how do you tell that a job advertisement is a fake below are the signs that you should check.

Request for payment   

Most of the scam opportunities request one to pay a sum of money even before the submission of the documents. The general rule is that, never pay for interviews, always be cautious when this happen.

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Poorly Written Advert

When you spot an advert, you cant help it but spot multiple grammatical errors including simple grammar mistakes that a minor can detect, you could have an mind telling that the writer is just human but when it gets out of hands, it is a sign for you to stop and do comprehensive research on the company.

The Deal is too Good to Be True

To lure you closer, such advertisements tend to give you too good deals that you cannot run from. They tend to entice from the working environment, salary and the position so you can quickly run to secure it.

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Contacting you During Weird Hours

Genuine and upright businesses, tend to contact individuals at the right working hours, for scams, they tend to use non right channels for communications, either over the weekends, holidays or even at night.

Hiring Right Away.

This is not new and the good thing is that we already know the recruitment process, if a job gives a call only to give you a job on the call, tend to walk away from it and turn down the offer, Job hiring is not an easy process and it needs a proper process of allocation.


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