An Interview Set up - Image Courtesy
An Interview Set up - Image Courtesy

Anytime that you are going to an interview, make sure that you are prepared fully, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional in them or it is your first interview. if told in advance take some time to research on the interview questions so you can be familiar and also refresh your mind. There are 5 things that you should never forget to carry no matter what.

In a normal set up, there are things that hiring managers expect to see you carry in the room and this might also be a disqualification factor if carefully considered.

This things might be the most common things but show your seriousness in the room.

After receiving a job invitation take time to do your research well, put down some notes to guide you on the requirements of the job and what is needed, put down the materials ready too show up when ready with this documents

  • Copies of your credentials

This might seem obvious but no, after your submission of your Curreculam Vitae do not expect them to print out the documents for you, some hiring managers tend to be busy and expect you to report with the documents.

Apart from this also have supportive documents ready, after presentation make a point of leaving the team with your copies to facilitate their decision making process.

The documents will position you as a candidate who is aware of what he/she is doing and have facts when presenting.

  • Folder

This one goes without say that you need to look organised, get yourself a folder that is nit to the core. Get your documents well placed in it and do not carry them around like you are carrying news papers around. Always strive to make that first impression.

  • Work Samples/ Portfolios
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This is the most common mistake that is done. No samples to prove your worth. Most of the jobseakers tend to walk in the interview rooms thinking the employers already know about them. This is wrong. If you work in an industry that has samples keep then as samples/portfolios so that you can boost your talk when in the interview.

  • Questions

To show you’re genuinely interested in a job, it is important you ask the hiring managers some questions. So you need to prepare your questions ahead of the interview and don’t ever say you don’t have a question at the end of a job interview. Here are some brilliant questions you can ask.

  • Smiles

Smile while you’re being interviewed not been scrutinized. Most of the job seekers take interviews as a matter of life and death. No. Smile and let things flow.


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