5 Things You Must Include in Your Cover Letter

Being in your twenties comes with a lot of unwarranted stress. You are out of your college and step onto an uncharted path, where schedules don’t come as time tables, and there are no exams but only life. Peer pressure, parental expectations, self-esteem are some of the things you have to deal with. Of course, you have the pressure of getting a proper job, get married and settling down as quickly as if you are in some sort of a race.

Coming up with a comprehensive cover letter can be a daring task that narrates the journey to getting that job. A good cover letter acts as a good key for an interview, this gives the recruiter an interest to read your resume. To make this a success, this is what you need in your cover letter.

1. Salutation

This is a key component that you need to perfect your act on. Most employers tend to pay more attention when an email is addressed to them directly and ignore mails that state Dear sir/madam or To whom it may concern. When making an application strive to know the person you are referring to an you will be able to stand out as a person who is keen on detail an you have made an effort in knowing the company.

2. Introduction

Make your introduction as powerful as possible having the ability to catch the attention of an employer and make them want to read

Showcase your ability to sell yourself by not using obvious venerable sentences. Instead of just telling them, I am applying for. use a more captivating introduction, Having worked as a sales executive for three years and crowned as the best seller for two consecutive years I am writing to apply for the position of (name of the position).

3. Back Up

Mentioning about your experience is not enough, you will need back up information in order to stand out. Put down skills relevant to the position you are applying for. You will need to prove the ability of the highlighted.

4. Interest in the company

As a common mistake, A cover letter should never be about you but about the company. Do a comprehensive research and surprise them with a sentence that states I have noticed that, you are extending your branches to cover East Africa Region therefore a need to increase your sales pipeline and market your products. This will be a major boast.

5. Conclusion

The closing remarks are usually short but crucial. Give a summary on why you are an ideal candidate and your desire to get feedback in their convenience.


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