4 Things Recruiters Want to Know About You

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`Tell me about yourself.` This is a common question that almost everybody in the industry has been asked. despite the words been a short statement, this holds pure weight and might determine your next opportunity. For most, they will give only a name, age and a bit of residence but this is not the exact thing employers look for, below are what they look forward to hearing.

1.    Personality Traits

This is an opportunity to talk about yourself, to exactly describe who you are and what you exactly do. Talk about what makes you as a person but avoid too much information that might take the audience away, talk about things that make you unique.

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2.    Area of Expertise

Talk about your area of experience, the company that you previously worked and what you managed to achieve at what period of time. Allow to take them through what you have achieved and the roles you achieved, let it be known that every area you talk about must be relevant to the position you applied for.

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3.    Accomplishments

Take them through a walk on what you have achieved so far, mention how you have managed to make an impact on the previous position you had.

4.    Skills

Talk about other skills that might be desirable to the position applied, They might come handy when it comes to the consideration in the position. Having a skillful answer will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


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