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Been Aggressive and asking questions in an interview tends to position a candidate on a better position of getting a job.

Interviewers would tend to admire a candidate who is asking questions as it shows the level of interest one has on the company.

However, when asking questions one should be very keen to know the limit and what relevance does the questions serve and they will not cost the job but improve their chances to get the job.

Despite having stories on what you should ask as we had written before there are things you should never ask in an interview. Below they are.

What do you do?
This is a no go zone. Never ask!! This question tends to show you are not serious with what you are doing and not even aware of what the company does.

It shows you are not good in your research and the option is to eliminate you.

To avoid this. It is upon you to do a comprehensive research about the company and show them how well you know them.

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Will I be asked to work for long hours?

This portrays you as a lazy person. It is not bad to ask how long you will be working but it is nice to rephrase the question and maybe ask in general something like
“What is the company culture”

“How is a normal day here.”

How soon will I get a promotion?

Most job seekers tend to go overboard during the interview session. They forget the main aim of the interview which is to secure the job first.

Most enquire the possibilities of them been promoted which is a turn off to the employer and tends to portray you as a greedy person.

The best timing to ask for a position rais is after securing the job and after you have proved to be highly productive and you cannot be easily disposed.


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