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Why You Will Always Be Poor

Three salary negotiation skills that always work

The cost of living is going up quite fast leaving most people’s salaries playing catch up. If you’ve been in such a...
How to Dress for an Interview

Checklist for a Perfect Job application

1. Tell who you are and what position you are applying for2. Tell why you are interested in this position and why...
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5 Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid In 2019 – 2020

Writing a cover letter may seem simple enough but when it comes to getting a job it could be the difference between...
How to Manage Your Finances after College

How to Manage Your Finances after College

Wondering how to manage your finances after college? well. Studies have revealed there are about 15,000 to 30,000 graduates in Kenya yearly....
7 Tips To Improve Your Job Hunting Process

Must Read: 5 Very Important Job Interview Tips No One Tells You About

Passing interviews should be at the top of your list of priorities this year. It is possible to have different employers giving...
How to be indispensable at work

Warning!! 5 Outdated Job Search Techniques To Avoid In 2019

How many jobs have you applied for and not heard from the recruiter? Next question….What job search methods are you using? If...
How to Dress for an Interview

Top 5 Questions You Should Never Leave An Interview Without Asking An Interviewer

An interview is supposed to act as an avenue to sell your skills and expertise to the hiring manager. It is also...
UN may not have money to pay staff next month, says Guterres

UN may not have money to pay staff next month, says Guterres

The United Nations (UN) has said it may not have enough money for staff salaries in November if member states do not...
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When you set out to construct your C.V, always remember a C.V is meant to secure you an appointment with the interviewer...
Two-year-old baby shot dead by a police officer in Kahawa West

Woman arrested with bhang worth Ksh.400,000 in Kisumu

Police in Kondele, Kisumu County are holding a woman who was arrested on Wednesday evening with bhang worth a street value of...