200Kgs Of Buffalo Meat Nabbed On Transit To Burma Market, Nairobi

200Kgs Of Buffalo Meat Nabbed On Transit To Burma Market, Nairobi

Officers of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) nabbed at least 200 kilograms of buffalo meat transported from Naivasha to Burma Market, Nairobi.

At Marula region along Nairobi-Nakuru, the meat was impounded and three suspects were detained during the procedure.

The three loaded the meat into the gate-away vehicle, prompting officials from KWS to behave by guards working on the farm on a tip-off.

“Our intelligence shows that most of the game meat that finds its way into the Burma market comes from Naivasha and Gilgil and we’re eager to contain that,” said Aggrey Maumo, assistant director of the Central Rift Region at KWS.

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KWS recognized Naivasha as the primary source of illegal wild meat sold to unsuspecting clients in the renowned Burma market.

“There are so many wild animals away from the parks and ranches, and the unscrupulous traders use this to kill them and sell the meat to unsuspecting customers. The suspects targeted buffalo and zebra meat for business reasons, but their days are numbered as we are going to get them, “Maumo added.

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In January this year, in possession of 800 kg of Zebra meat, 15 traders were detained at Burma Market. Officials said the meat would be sold as beef to the public.


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