Twitter is back on track, and it's more essential than ever for your brand to stay on the social network for microblogging.
Twitter is back on track, and it's more essential than ever for your brand to stay on the social network for microblogging.

Twitter is back on track, and it’s more essential than ever for your brand to stay on the social network for microblogging.

But the presence of Twitter is much more useful with a healthy follower count, isn’t it? After all, if you can create a strong batch of supporters, you will have more eyes on your products and more credibility to back up your content.

Building a strong Twitter follow-up isn’t simple though. It requires time and a combination of the correct marketing strategies to build up your follower count.

Armed with the correct data, you can speed up this process and increase the number of followers in just a few months. So, in this article, we’re going to demonstrate to you ten amazing methods to boost your following.

Follow the correct individuals

The best way to get Twitter supporters is to follow other individuals on the social network.

Look for individuals in your business and follow their Twitter accounts. If they get a notice that you followed them, they can look at your account and follow you back. When using this strategy, we suggest following lower accounts, as these accounts are more probable to see that you’ve followed them.

Retweet, answer, favorite, repeat

The only way to get more supporters on Twitter is to participate with other users on Twitter. Make sure you’re actively retweeting, responding to, and encouraging tweets from individuals in your sector and beyond.

Doing this will get your name in front of these customers and make them more likely to follow you. Better yet, if someone sees you sharing their tweets often, there’s a good chance that they’ll do the same for your content in return.

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Interact with more than just @mentions

Use Search Agents to conduct on-going searches on the terms of the sector and mentions of your brand. If you see a new Tweet coming in, follow or otherwise communicate with the user who tweeted it. We suggest that you make your searches as specific as possible so that you only interact with users who care about your content.

Tweet at the correct time

Use the ideal timeout tool of the Social Report to plan your tweets at the correct moment. Optimum time features look at your last three months of Twitter commitment and find out when your tweets have been most interactive in the past.

Since your tweets are going to have more interactions, you’re more likely to get more supporters from your tweets. Remember, interaction means retweets, favourites, and other stuff that put your tweets in front of new individuals.

Share content from your favourite bloggers and non-competing businesses.

Tag them when they share their content, and— like retweeting — there’s a nice chance they’ll follow you back when they see your @mention on their Twitter feed.

Encourage your readers to follow

you Write a blog post or operate a website? Add Twitter and Call-to-Action buttons to all of your material. For instance, ask your audience for an view on Twitter at the end of your post. This will encourage your audience to tweet to you, and then offer you a follow-up.

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Use the right hashtags— but don’t overdo it—

Tweets with hashtags get over 12 percent more than their hashtag-less counterparts, making it one of the simplest ways to get your Twitter content in front of fresh eyes. You can use business hashtags like #digitalmarketing, or hashtags that are based on present events or upcoming holidays.

Alternatively, you can add some character to your tweets by using a funny hashtag like #TacoTuesday. When other Twitter users check the hashtag (or tap the hashtag in a current tweet), they’ll see your tweets in the list.

This is going to put your content in front of fresh individuals, and then net you fresh supporters. In other words, to have strong hashtags

Don’t purchase supporters Now for a word of caution: never, ever buy supporters from Twitter.

Even though it looks good for your Twitter follower to count, buying Twitter followers doesn’t assist you. Simply put, paid supporters are robots that are unable to purchase your products or services. And if your followers can’t do that, what is the point of getting them in the first palace?

Further — and on a more practical level— Twitter is cracking down heavily on paid supporters. Earlier this year, the social network shut down millions of Twitter accounts— many of which were bots paid to follow users.

Well, trust us: paid Twitter supporters are never a nice thing.


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