Another year has come to a close, so what better time to look back and round up some of the best apps you should use for Android?

We’ve picked the Android apps in a number of categories that exceeded expectations. From the best mobile game to the best productivity device, as of January 2020, this list shows you the very best of what Android has to offer.

Best Overall Mobile Game-Mobile Duty Call of Duty: Mobile records break by reaching 100 million downloads in its first week. If you break it down it is no surprise. Call of Duty: Mobile is Call of Duty’s first true mobile remake, the first-person shooter game in the world.

Best Photos & Gallery App–1Gallery: 1Gallery is a great new gallery app for Android released in 2019 that you can use to edit photos, videos, display past memories and also keep your media secure. 1Gallery’s highlight feature is you can cover pictures and directories and lock them behind a PIN, password or fingerprint ID.

Best Video Streaming App – Netflix. There are some big names in the TV and movie streaming space but Netflix, the niche’s precursor, is still in the lead. Netflix has reinvested its enormous profits to drive title after title of exclusive content.

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Best News App – Flipboard: When Flipboard first grew to success, it was a groundbreaking app. Flipboard may now be showing its age, after launching 10 years ago, but it still has one of the best systems for curating your own news experience.

With Flipboard you can pick your areas of interest and through Flipboard’s algorithms the app will provide you with a mix of curated content from editors and automatically recommended content.

Best Note Taking App–Google Keep: A lot of powerful note-taking apps are available on Android, but Google Keep stands out for its convenience. Note-taking is about being able to scribe down thoughts and plans as quickly as possible, but note-taking apps should elevate that by making sure your notes are actually readable in the future and easily searchable.

Best VPN App–Private Best VPN App–Private Internet Access Many free VPNs are available but we have chosen a VPN with a paid subscription. More precisely, we can trust a VPN app. When you connect to a VPN, you are sending all of your data through a third party server, which means you have to trust that third party.

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Best Cloud Storage App – Google Drive You’ll find it difficult not to use your Google account with an Android phone, especially when it comes to synchronization. So, it’s no surprise we’d be recommending Google Drive as the best Android cloud storage choice.

Best Team Chat App – Slack Microsoft Teams is a near runner up, but for us Slack is still the best choice to communicate with others, manage conversations between large user groups and keep track of all the important things.

Best Fitness App–Google Fit One of the reasons Google’s apps get so highly rated is because Google isn’t trying to sell additional features with their apps–they just want to improve the user experience on their stock Android OS. As with many other Google apps, this means that Google Fit is filled with features for absolutely free.


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